Zoo Field Trip Reminder Information


Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for your support in ensuring all our students can attend the year end event to the Zoo on Tuesday June 27th, 2017. A special thank you is also given to School Council for their consistent support with this activity.

Here are the final details to help make this day special for our students.

• Parents who have been notified and confirmed that they will be volunteering need to meet with Miss Hudani in the gym at 8:10 am Tuesday morning.

• Buses will be boarding at 8:40 am, please ensure that your child is at school on time so that we can take attendance and be ready to go. • All students should be dressed in uniform (gala uniform is not necessary).

• Students should have outerwear that is appropriate for the weather as we will be going rain or shine: o Jacket o Appropriate footwear for the weather- boots/runners o Hat o Sunscreen

• Students and volunteers should bring a small backpack to carry: o Jacket o Hat o Sunscreen o Lunch o Snacks o Water bottle

• Please DO NOT SEND EXTRA MONEY WITH YOUR CHILD, opportunities will not be given to make any purchases.

• Students should not be bringing any toys, cameras or electronic devices with them to the Zoo for safety reasons. We wish to avoid students being distracted and getting lost as well as items being lost.

If you have any questions please contact me or your child’s teacher.

Sincerely, Salima Hudani Associate Principal (403) 259-3527 ext 103.

Grade 4 Graduation and Farewell Assembly- June 29th, 2017

The grade 4 graduation and farewell assembly will be held on June 29th at 10:30 am. 



Please order your school supplies by JUNE 15TH by visiting

Access code: 88441

Ordering through our supplier provides the following advantages:

Shopping done for you and delivered to school
Consistent, high quality supplies
Allows teachers to organize classrooms prior to student arrival
Competitive pricing




Part of the end of year tradition at the Southwest Campus is to plan an activity in or-der to celebrate the year’s achievements and hard work. We are planning to go to the Calgary Zoo on Tuesday, June 27th with the entire school.
We are very fortunate to have the support of School Council who is helping with the cost of our busses for this day. The cost to all families after the school council subsidy is $13.00. Please note that Calgary Zoo passes will not be accepted for admission. A group admission package was purchased; the cost for all students and volunteers to the event is included. The use of student zoo passes will void our adult volunteers receiving a complimentary admission.
The field trip has been posted to the family login. Please proceed to the family login to provide permission and payment for this trip before June 21st.






MONDAY JUNE 26TH 7:00 - 7:30PM

The summer slide is real! Students work hard during the school year with reading, math and writing and end up not doing much over the summer academically and suffer from the summer slide. This is where they lose some of their academic growth and slide down in their learning. This year we would like to provide a night to talk to parents about the summer slide and provide families with a small package that includes reading, sight words, math and writing ideas. If you feel your child would benefit from this package and information, please attend our parent night. 

If you are attending please email Mrs. Malsbury RSVP: sandra.malsbury@ffca-calgary.com



Picking Up and Dropping Off Students

Picking up and dropping off students can be a challenge. It takes the cooperation of everyone to ensure the safety of our students and a positive relationship with members of our community. Please adhere to the following rules.

Street in Front of the School

Parking (even for a second) in the bus zone is prohibited. This space must be available for buses at all times.

Help students walk across the street at safe locations. Walking between buses is extremely dangerous.

The front street is narrow making it difficult for cars to travel in both directions. This situation is made worse with parents doing U turns. U turns also create a very dangerous situation for pedestrians crossing the street.

Parking on corners is prohibited and makes it difficult for cars, and especially buses, to travel around the corner to Elbow Drive.


Several of our neighbors have garages that back onto the alley. Please refrain from parking (even for a moment) in front of garages or in front of the fence where there are “no parking” signs. The width of the alley has been measured and “no parking” signs placed where the alley is too narrow to allow for traffic to travel alongside parked cars. The alley can become very congested. Traffic lineups can occur when people park in the narrow part of the alley, turn around in the alley, or attempt to exit the alley onto Elbow Drive. Driving conditions worsen in the alley during the winter increasing hazards of slipping and becoming stuck.

Winter Safety

Now that winter weather has arrived, extra precautions are necessary to keep everyone safe. Road ways and alleys can be slippery making it difficult for parents and students to walk on solid footing and for drivers to stop. The following precautions will be essential to keep everyone safe.

  1. Avoid crossing the road between buses. This makes it difficult for drivers to see pedestrians and stop safely. This is true year round but especially an issue during winter road conditions.
  2. Park in designated spots in the alley only (not beside the fence where it indicates that it is a no parking zone).
  3. Avoid parking on the other side of the alley in front of garages. Not only does this narrow the alley passage for vehicles, it also prevents the neighbors from entering/existing their garages.
  4. Avoid leaving children unsupervised outside at the end of the school day.
  5. Dress appropriately for the weather.
  6. Sign up for bus notifications. Winter weather can often result in traffic/accidents and late buses.
  7. It is dark now in the mornings. Please be mindful that it is much more difficult to see students wearing dark clothing.

Let’s work together to be safe during the winter season.


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