Bus Notifications

This is a reminder that if your child is a bus student and you would like to receive bus notifications you must sign up every year.

If your child is transported by a SOUTHLAND bus (all students at SWE are transported by Southland).  After completing your installment payment and having logged off the FFCA Family Zone site go to: http://www.southland.ca/parentlogin.aspx   to register and confirm your email address, (Carrier is Southland) then you can pick the campus (all campuses begin with FFCA) and the bus route and click on ADD Route and the system will place the route in your list to the right.  Each route has an AM and PM so you will need to ADD both if your child rides two way.  If you have more than one child you can choose another campus and add that route to your list as well.

You can also register your mobile phone number (click on SMS Service beside the green plus sign) so that you will also receive a text message when delays are posted for your child's route.  You can only register one mobile phone number, should you need the message to go to another mobile device you will need to register another email address.