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Grades Taught

Kindergarten - Grade 4


Principal:    Mrs Lorie Skaper-Burtch
Associate Principal:    Miss Salima Hudani


"Excellence in student achievement and character development through distinctive teaching and learning."


"To provide a safe and caring environment where academic excellence, character development, parental involvement and staff leadership are valued and fostered."


FFCA fosters strong, positive, respectful partnerships among students, staff, parents and community. These relationships are characterized by trust, integrity, openness and collaboration, and exist to support learning for all stakeholders.

Education Plan

Annual Education Results Report Summary
November 23

Every fall, we review our Accountability Pillar report results to gauge our progress toward achieving the goals and outcomes of our Three-Year Education Plans. We then report on our progress towards meeting these goals in our Annual Education Results Report (AERR) at the end of November each year. The AERR also indicates targets that were met and highlights the jurisdiction accomplishments for the year. A summary of this report is presented below. A link to the full report (“Combined 2014 2015 AERR and 2015 2018 3YEP”) can be found on this page:

And a direct link to the full report PDF can be found here:

Supply Lists

2018/2019- Supply lists-


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  • Transportation - Mrs. Susan Goldsmith
  • Wait List - Mrs. Phoebe Greentree
  • Lorie Skaper-Burtch, Principal Educator
  • Salima Hudani, Associate Principal
  • Pam Brah, Admnistrative Assistant
  • Helen Miles, School Secretary
  • Lara Wayling, Kindergarten
  • Robyn Gripton, Kindergarten
  • Heidi Hunt, Kindergarten
  • Renee Carrier, Grade 1
  • Pauline Miller, Grade 1
  • Sandy Malsbury, Grade 1
  • Tara Gregg, Grade 1
  • Angela Bouvier, Grade 2
  • Julie Westenberger, Grade 2
  • Tanya Reid, Grade 2
  • Sara Yuris, Grade 2
  • Laurel Filgate, Grade 3
  • Michele Lisiecki, Grade 3
  • Greg Nonay, Grade 3
  • Erin Payne, Grade 3
  • Jenn Byers, Grade 4
  • Kathy Bishop, Grade 4
  • Ariane Uriquiza, Grade 4
  • Robyn Gripton, Physical Education
  • Sonia Sheehan, Physical Education
  • Barb Wanhill, Art
  • Val DeDeugd, Librarian
  • Shantel Ducarme, Youth Development Counsellor
  • Cindy Lintott, EA/ESL
  • Jennifer Rumbolt, EA
  • Lisa Kostecki, Music