Principal's Message

Welcome to a year of learning and community!



We are thrilled that you have joined us this year and look forward to a year of learning, growing, and working together.  We invite you to learn along with us, share your thoughts and ideas, and work with us to create a strong, caring community that makes a big difference.  We will benefit from your contribution. 


The Southwest Elementary Campus staff are committed to the success of each student.  Directed by the FFCA vision and mission, and connected to the FFCA family at large, we collaborate to provide an optimal learning experience for students.  We are excited to embark on another year of learning built on a foundation of character, and we are fortunate that you have joined us on this journey.  Learning is a journey, and it is most successful when we all endeavor to face challenges and grow together.



We look forward to partnering with you this year to learn, grow and serve.


Lorie Skaper-Burtch, Principal    

Pauline Miller, Associate Principal